For those who are about to move , or they just do it and have little idea of how to move forward on issues of decor , do not despair. There are applications specifically designed to help them. So today we’ll talk about some decorative applications that we find very interesting. Try not to repeat ourselves: last year also shuffled a few options in the face of changes and today also we try to find inspiration with some apps. They are more than welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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  • Démonstratrice Stampin up.
  • Dream Home : if we are also looking for inspiration when decorating our new home or apartment, then Dream Home, a specific application, we can come in very handy. You can browse ideas, styles, types of environments, colors, and more, to find exactly what you’re looking for. We can even upload the designs we have done.
  • Photo Measures : happens often when we just moved, we have many things on my mind and forget the basics. Measures. With this application we can take steps environments easily from mobile, to have everything stored when we are buying new furniture or appliances. It would be a catastrophe if we do not.
  • Snapshop Showroom : how you would look a new chair in the living room of our brand new apartment? Now we do not have to make this question, or buy furniture wrong. With this application, we only have to upload a photo of a room, then cross check the photos of store catalogs. So you can buy from your mobile.
  • Home Design :. if we want something a little more advanced, and we want to give free rein to our imagination, a good alternative may be Home Design Planning Tool With this app, we will be able to experiment with colors or arrangement of an existing environment, working on the design and possibilities for the future. It can be very funny.


  • Palettes : If the colors are the problem, and we are looking palette with which we paint our new house, then Palettes can be a good assistant. This application allows us to precisely create color palettes from objects that give us inspiration. We took a picture of what is-a landscape, a car, the fourth of another personality to get it.
  • iHandy Level : it seems not, but sometimes it can be very difficult to get the picture right to stay. Luckily, those with many things hanging may have an application called iHandy Level which ensures that we have everything well right, all the time. Nothing else we have to position it on the picture frame to indicate.
  • Handy Man : fixing things around the house can be a major problem, especially if you just moved. Often you end up paying other people to do simple repairs. With Handy Man, we have access to several video tutorials and instructions for everything from flooring installation to repair some basic questions.
  • Color Snap : the brand presents SherwinWilliams this application to anyone looking to find the ideal color of a room. In the same way that Palettes, also allows us to capture real-life scenes to transform them into palettes. But also it allows us to make advanced settings such as brightness, saturation, and more, to find perfection.
  • Space Planning Tool : Finally, we close our application list decorated with a tool that allows us to make intelligent use of space. This tool lets you create a plane of our new home or apartment measures, and also allows us to generate lists with purchases that remain to be done, repairs, and more.