janabhaaratii - Localisation of Free/Open Source Softwares: Development, Deployment and Community Building.

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Localisation of
Free/Open Source Software

Development Deployment
and Community Building


C-DAC Mumbai is working on the project janabhaaratii.
This project is titled ‘Localisation of Free/Open Source Software:
Development, Deployment and Community Building’. These includes
contributing to the community efforts in developing a software
suite based on GNU/Linux and made available in Indian languages.
The project is funded by the Technology
Development in Indian Languages
(TDIL) group in Department of
Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and IT of
Government of India.

Objective of the janabhaaratii:

  • To enable wide use of Indian
    language computing through Free/Open Source systems and
    applications localised in Indian languages.

  • Invite, build and support
    community initiatives to produce and disseminate free/open source
    software systems, applications and content to help proliterate
    wide-spread use of Information Technology in our society,
    breaking language barriers and through affordable means. This
    will thus help bridge the so called digital divide.

  • Development of technology to suit Indian languages,
    dissemination of the same, deployment into diverse sections such
    as home use, mass applications, education, rural areas,
    infokiosks, cybercafes, e-governance, content creation etc.

Some of the places were janabhaaratii made

  • Govt.
    of Maharashtra.

  • Muncipal Administrators’
    Office, Worli, Mumbai.

  • Maharashtra State Police
    Control Room, Mumbai.

  • Sathaye College, Vile Parle,

  • SNDT Women’s University,
    Churchgate, Mumbai

  • St Paul’s School, Ajmer,

  • Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of
    Medical Science, Amritsar, Punjab.

  • University
    of Mumbai, Santacruz, Mumbai.

  • St Anselm’s Sr. Sec. School,
    Ajmer, Rajasthan.

  • IWSA (Indian Women Scientist
    Association), Vashi Navi Mumbai.

  • Joshi Bedekar College, Thane.

C-DAC is a pioneer in
development and deployment of Indian language technologies and
products for over 15 years. janabhaaratii project is handled by
C-DAC Air-India bldg office, Nariman Point, Mumbai. In particular
C-DAC, Mumbai has also been in the forefront with the INDIX2
project which makes GNU/Linux operating system specifically
intelligent about indic scripts and gives the world a more generic
approach to deal with complex scripts. Some of the fonts developed
under the INDIX2 project are now also available to public from
TDIL website http://www.tdil.mit.gov.in/download/openfonts.htm

The project inherits and will enhance the access and usability
of the above resources. Further, the project stands on the
shoulders of several teams working on localization of GNU/Linux,
most notably IITs, IIITs,
Indlinux, ankurbangla,
, MarathiOpenSource
and Corporations like IBM. Several Resource Centres
supported by TDIL have stacked up a lot of localization resources.
The project envisages threading together these efforts and present
to the community a suite of software components in readily usable
form through Open Source under GPL/LGPL

The project needs cooperation of language specialists,
linguists, computer specialists, users, governments (Centre and
States), academia (faculty and students) and many others. This is
also an appeal to all to join this mission and bring the benefits
of IT revolution to the majority of population.

Software Wars: A movie about philosophy open source

In the era in which we live, there are many technological advances and they operate in large part, through the use of software, however, many times these advances pose obstacles in their development because of the control exercised by the companies that developed it. This is the main argument of the Software Wars film that seeks to inform geeks and the public in general about how important is the use of Free Software and the advantages afforded us to both users and developers.

It is more than a film, a documentary based on a part of the book called “After the Software Wars” (available free at MovieTube) who wrote Keith Curtis (producer). He worked 11 years at Microsoft until he decided to adopt the philosophy of free Software, so it knows what it is to work on both sides: in free software and the owner.

The way in which are financing the project is through crowdfunding on Indiegogo and the goal to develop the project is 150,000 USD. The documentary is interesting for the way in which addresses the subject with information and interviews with figures from the likes of Linus Torvalds, Jono Bacon, Greg Kroah-Hartman and Guy Martin. To mention some.

Release date (if you reach the goal of the $150,000 USD) would be slated for June 2013 and the distribution of the documentary will be both digital and physical. It seems to be a good initiative to encourage the community to become more involved to open source software projects, moreover, involve average users to learn about the advantages of adopting this philosophy.

Involved with the project thus describes the documentary:

Software Wars is a film about the battle of our rights to share our ideas about technology. The software will not be owned by companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google that impede technological progress.

An example very clear of the approach of the problem is the use of assistants and custom searches as does Google Now or Siri. Both are not open to other developers to contribute with more features that help us in everyday life, everything is controlled by Google or Apple, and they decide to include and which not.

Software Wars must be in your list of “Geek” to see movies in 2013, without a doubt.

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